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in one breath you can begin again | kundalini yoga, breathwork + meditation

Breathe is designed to introduce you to a like minded community. We are making great spiritual strides in these rapidly changing times, with even further reach when we work collectively. Welcome to Breathe.








Experience instantaneous joy. 

The future is now, breathe into it.


What it is:

Learn how to rewire your brain. Blast through blocked neural paths you’ve rightfully constructed to protect yourself from further harm. Ditch old patterns that aren’t serving you anymore.

A global community of individuals making spiritual strides. 

Kundalini Yoga
LIVE classes a week where we practice together.
All available for replay on your dashboard anytime you need them.

Spiritual Tools
Explore various spiritual tools to add to your tool box.
Connect to the divine creative potential.

AND Astrology, if you’re into it. The cosmos provide a universal road map. Explorers have been using them since the dawn of time to light their way. Why wouldn’t we?

What you get

Community Connection
Engage with people from all over the globe interested in using the breath to heal.
Share your challenges and solutions over the encrypted privacy of Mighty Networks.

Calls and classes* are only a login away, anytime, anywhere with teachers from all over the the globe. *watch live or on replay.

Daily Practice
Learn breath practices, yoga, meditation and nutrition techniques to ease anxiety, find mental clarity & inner peace -heal the mind-body system and breakthrough negative behaviors & self-limiting beliefs.

Whether you have 3 minutes or 30, find a
practice that’s right for you in our library of videos.

Recovery & Community Support
Specific women's classes & teachings for women's health, vitality and beauty.
Breathe in Recovery meetings for people in recovery & experiencing addiction.
Learn holistic pathways to heal from all addiction and get to the root cause.
Support from people committed to pathway of recovery, growth & healing.

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